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Diesel Engine Service

Diesel Engine Service

Diesel Engines

When you need an engine with steadylow tomid range torque, without sacrificing fuel economy, diesel engine is the preferred choice.Fuel efficiency of roughly 40% more than gas engines and as such, a good source of reliable power.

The New Diesel

The new diesel, within the last couple of years, are just as quite and having cleaner emissions than gasoline engines. Diesel engines are quieter do to multiple firing events. Sometimes referred to as a pilot shot. This is a small shot of fuel before the main shot. This small shot heats the combustion chamber nicely and helps reduce the loud diesel knock that diesel is usually known for. This pilot shot also reduces NOx Nitrous oxides emissions. To further the reduction of emissions or better fuel air mixtures, manufactures have fuel pressures up to 29,000 PSI for better atomization. Now, some diesels have two turbochargers, one small one and one large one.One is pretty much common place on diesels, but have two allows the one small one to gain boost quickly and thelarge to maintain load. Turbo charger lagiseliminated. Theseturbos may have variable vane geometry. Thisincreases exhaustvelocity and reduces emissions.The new diesel may also have a particulate filter in the exhaust. These new filters do require scheduled service.

Diesel Service and Repair

The Diesel repair, and only some of complexities listed in the previous paragraph, can get a little tricky. Todays diesel engines require the necessary equipment to make informed decisions on repair. Some of these tools are made specifically for the diesel car or diesel truck. Tools would include service information on diesel diagnostics, Service tools, and diagnostic scan equipment. Not having the necessary tools can make diesel engine repair can make the repair very expensive fast. Incorrectly installing or misdiagnosing a computer on a diesel engine, is expensive. Some computers from the dealership can easily run over $1000 dollars. Most dealerships do not allow returns on electrical components. So, it is very important to get the proper service.

Diesel Maintenance

It is critical to maintain your Diesel engine. To help reduce costs and keep your diesel running smoothly, follow your service manual. Diesel engines of today are not he same as yesterday. One manufacturer maintenance schedule can very greatly to another. If that is not enough, some diesel operator manuals may require you get a certain grade or standard of fuel meeting the manufacturers requirements. It may seem a bit extreme, but all diesel fuel is not the same. Fuel filters of diesel may have fuel filters that are around 13 microns. That's pretty small. Replacing fuel filters due to drivability issues or even having the vehicle towed, can get expensive. Use of the proper oil and grade is also important. Many diesel engines have hydraulically assisted fuel injectors.Meaning these type of injectors use oil pressure to help open the fuel injectorpintel against the high fuel pressure.If oil grade is not used for what is recommended by the manufacturer, fuel injection timing may be off and the diesel may not run correctly.

Diesel cars and Diesel trucks are becoming more popular. The weight of the engines are becoming lighter, engines are more responsive, more fuel efficient than gas, and are reducing emissions to meet the federal standards. Not like the old days with big black smoke out the exhaust and poor performance.

Our staff will be more than happy to work on your diesel. We have the training, equipment and knowledge to fix it right the first time.

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